Welcome to Urban CurioCity

Hi there! I'm Katrie Lowe and for the next two years, I will be travelling to key cities around the globe, to live how you live, and connect with everyday individuals and change-makers in search of the bright ideas and innovations being developed to tackle our great urban challenges.

As the result of my journey, I aim to bring back new insights and foster a bolder conversation about how we live, what works, what doesn't, and how we shape our cities of the future.

My Journey

Throughout my journey, I will be learning about each city through five different lenses: Density, Affordability, Liveability, Sustainability, and Technology.  

Upon my arrival in each city, I will explore my surroundings, make contacts with everyday individuals and notable organisations to gain a formal introduction to the area, and then conduct field research into the top solutions being carried out to address the world’s urban challenges.  Following my time in each city, I will compile my findings to discover which cities are doing things right, and which cities have very far to go.   I hope you’ll join me on my journey of discovery!






sponsors & Supporters

An initiative like this sometimes takes a village. Urban CurioCity is a bold endeavour made possible by the support of many.
Thank you to all the like-minded people that continue to reach out - for your insight, opinions, and knowledge that have made this journey what it is.  

If you would like to offer support, or have an idea or project you would like to share, please reach out and drop me a message.

Thank you to my formal supporters: